About Capoeira-World.com

Capoeira-World.com is a website that gathers all topics related to Capoeira – history, moves, music, clothes, schools, news, capoeira events, images,videos and more. It is useful for every Capoeirista – from a beginner to a mestre.

The Idea

It simply came from the need of place where everyone interested is able to find everything from A to Z about Capoeira. It makes no difference if you are looking for  an information, media, goods or simply a Capoeira community to contribute knowledge, discuss ideas, share moments or problems. You will find it all in Capoeira-World.com.

The Author

The idea and the creation of the site is on me – A Bulgarian Girl, a Capoeira Maniac (only a student for now) who believes in the greater good and hopes that placing little efforts on this idea will be beneficial for Capoeira and the Capoeira community and will help it grow. My name is Silvia and I’m 30 years old. I train Capoeira for over 6 years now. My knowledge in Capoeira comes from the lessons learned in my Abada Capoeira Bulgaria, materials I found on the Internet and books. I also have some great friends from the Capoeira Community who are so good to assist me with everything I need to create a good-looking and above all useful Capoeira website.

The Mission

The main point of the website is to present Capoeira to the newbies, give knowledge to the students, provide clothes, regularly update with interesting news and above all continue the Capoeira flow.