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In the Capoeira Interviews section you will get to know the greatest capoeira mestres from all over the world and hear their thoughts about Capoeira and many other interesting Capoeira related topics. will get in touch with each one of them personally and will introduce them in a very special way. Keep watching this section so you won’t miss a thing.


Alchimista1Alchimista from Capoeira Bulgaria

The first Capoeira teacher in Bulgaria and founder of Association Capoeira Bulgaria. Apart from Capoeira, he’s been dealing with other martial arts for over 25 years which makes him very familiar the martial arts.

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Gemeo-Sossedago1Gêmeo and Sossegado from Abada Capoeira Bulgaria

I’m pleased to introduce you two Capoeira teachers and great friends of mine – Yavor and George. They have a capoeira group in Sofia, Bulgaria called Abada Capoeira Bulgaria and they love playing and teaching Capoeira. They’ve shared with me some great moments of their Capoeira history. We’ve spent a great time talking about Capoeira and I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I did.

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Graduado Suxi from Companhia Pernas Pro Ar (Company Legs in theAir)

Graduado Suxi is a German citizen, born in Ibiza/Spain but he currently teaches in Bulgaria. For him teaching Capoeira is very important because you begin to start to think more about Capoeira and its essence. You have to focus on the small details. Capoeira is not about making saltos. Capoaeira is about the Ginga.

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Acordeon1Mestre Acordeon from United Capoeira Association – Berkeley, CA, USA

You are about to read an interview with one of the most influential poeple in todays Capoeira. Mestre Acordeon is one of the pioneers of capoeira in the city of São Paulo. In 1968, along with Airton Moura, Mestre Onça, he founded the K-poeira academy on Augusta Street, which was one of the best centers of teaching and learning capoeira in São Paulo.

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Ceara2Mestre Paulao Ceara from Capoeira Brasil

Here is Mestre Paulao Ceara from Group Capoeira Brasil. He was so kind to answer our questions and present himself to YOU.

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Valmir1-1Valmir das Biribas

If you would like to learn more about the creation of the berimbau instument, read the interview with Valmir Lima. He shares many secrets for the berimbau and the process of creation that you will hear from nowhere else.

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