Meet Paulo Sales Neto – Mestre Paulao Ceara from Capoeira Brasil

Here is Mestre Paulao Ceara from Group Capoeira Brasil. He was so kind to answer our questions and present himself to YOU. Who stays behind the name Mestre Paulao Ceara – where are you from, when did you start playing Capoeira for the first time, who was your first capoeira teacher?

Ceara2Mestre Paulao Ceara: My name is Paulo Sales Neto. I come from Brasil Fortaleza-Ceara. I was 14 years old when I started playing capoeira and my first real capoeira teacher was Mestre Camisa. How did you decide to create your own capoeira group?

Mestre Paulao Ceara: First, I was with the Group Senzala. However, we had a problem with our Mestre and we could not stay in the Group Senzala. That is why we founded Capoeira Brasil. How do you take teaching capoeira – like a job or rather a hobby?

Mestre Paulao Ceara: Capoeira is my life…everything. It is a job and a profession in the same time. You have moved to the Netherlands in 1993. Why did you decide to move there?

Mestre Paulao Ceara: I moved to the Netherlands mainly because I wanted to live in another country, learn a new culture, a new language. Also, I simply wanted to build up a Capoeira community over here. Is capoeira in Europe different from capoeira in Brasil?

Ceara1Mestre Paulao Ceara: No, I din’t see it like that. I believe that capoeira in Europe is the same as Capoeira in Brasil. Your group is spreading around the world pretty fast. There are Capoeira Brasil schools in USA, Australia, Europe. What is the secret for your growth?

Mestre Paulao Ceara: There is no secret. We only try to be real, professional, and honest. How do you grade your students? Is it difficult to move to the next level?

Mestre Paulao Ceara: Well, we have the same rules about the technique as the other capoeira schools. How often do you make batizados in your group?

Mestre Paulao Ceara: We do batizados 2 times per year. Few months ago you visited Bulgaria for a workshop with one of your schools. Tell us a few words about the school. What were your impressions of the whole workshop?

Mestre Paulao Ceara: I loved Sofia and I think that the Group there can really grow. The people are nice and George is a good Capoeirista – leader and a nice guy as well. Have you been to Bulgaria before? Did you visit any interesting places?

Ceara3Mestre Paulao Ceara: No, this is the first time I visited Bulgaria. You have seen how capoeira changes through the years. Can you tell how will it change in the future?

Mestre Paulao Ceara: I guess that Capoeira will continue growing in Europe and this is just the beginning. Capoeira will get more and more space. Is there anything you would like to say to your friends and students or just to the other capoeiristas?

Mestre Paulao Ceara: What I could say to the capoeira students is not to give up when facing the first difficulties in capoeira. The challenge is a great way to show that you can do things, things all by yourself if you really want so.