Roda de Capoeira

In Capoeira, the main aim of the players is not to harm the opponent but to show skills and abilities.  The Capoeira Game (Jogo de Capoeira) is a physical conversation between two players performed by acrobatic and martial movements. The game happens in the Roda (pronounced “ho-da”) – a circle formed by people (in most cases capoeiristas) singing and clapping with hands under the sound of Capoeira music. The music is performed by musicians placed on one side. The capoeira music defines the game that will be played either – Capoeira Angola or Capoeira Regional.

The Roda is considered the inner world of a Capoeirista full with positive energy, happiness and companionship. A Capoeira fighter can enter the Roda in the two ways explained below:

1. The two players kneel down underneath the leading berimbau, shake hands and make an Au (one of main Capoeira moves) to the center of the Roda to start the game.

2. To interfere a game between two players by buying the game. Usually, the one that has been playing longer leaves the game. It is said that only a player with higher rank could buy a game. In many schools the game is bought by anyone who want to enter the Roda.

A player should never stay with his back to the center of the Roda even if leaving the game so that the other player will not throw kicks at him.