Capoeira Moves

There are a lot of Capoeira moves and techniques. It might be even hard for a beginner to memorize all of them. In any case, it gets easier when they are practiced regularly and especially when playing in the Roda. According to their execution, the Capoeira techniques can be divided into several groups:

Main Capoeira Moves

These are the moves that every capoeirista has to learn in order to play the capoeira game. Starting with Ginga, continuing to Au, Bananeira, Negativa, Role, etc.

Defensive Capoeira Moves

Also called escape moves, in Capoeira, the player uses them to protect from the opponent’s kick or other attacking move. These are – esquiva, cocorinha, queda, etc.

Capoeira Kicks

In Capoeira, there are two types of kicks – straight and spinning. Both types are often used in the Roda and are a great way to defeat the opponent.

Capoeira Hand and Arm Strickes

Indeed, there are such techniques in Capoeira Martil Art. They can be blocking, offensive or simply showing the opponent take a better look of the game.

Capoeira Head Butts

There are only three moves that go into this category – Arpao de Cabeca, Cabecada and Escorumelo. They are highly useful in the game, though.

Capoeira Take Downs

These moves are the best way to take the opponent down on the ground. Few of the most popular are Banda, Tesoura, Vingativa and Rasteira.

In you will find a brief explanation of the most popular capoeira moves. Some of them are explained with vidoes which will be highly useful for new capoeira fighters.