Takedowns – take the opponent to the ground!

Takedown is a technique that is used in martial arts and combat sports. It aims to bring the opponent to the ground by off-balancing him or her.



Rasteira is a very common movement. Literally translated means a “pitfall”. The technique is used in response to a kick and aims to sweep or pull opponent’s leg. There two major variations of it. Rasteira em Pe – standing sweep and Rasteira do Chão – sweep from the floor.




Vingativa is a shoulder takedown and it is a very useful one. Its purpose is to off-balance the opponent from ginga position or after a kick.




Literally, tesoura means scissors. This technique is performed near to the ground with the support of the hands. The movement looks very much like the scissor move which the player does with the legs around the opponent in order to take him or her down. There are two major variations. Tesoura de Costa which is a backward scissor takedown and Tesoura de Frente – forward scissor takedown.




Negativa is one of the main capoeira movements. The Negativa is a capoeira move used to negate an incoming attack by lowering the body to the ground (sitting position) on one side or the other. The body is supported by one hand while the other is protecting the face.




Banda is a sweep kick, the objective of which is to pull one of the opponent’s feet making him lose his balance and fall. It usually is performed from a standing position. What separates the banda from the rasteira is that the sweep is mostly done with the heel of the foot instead of the instep.