Capoeira Music

music1The music is a crucial element to the Capoeira game. It gives energy and power to the capoeiristas and defines the style of the game. It is said that if there is no music there is no Capoeira.

The Capoeira Music has been created by the Africans. With the music they aimed to hide the fighting techniques they developed for self-defense during the slavery. They used traditional African instruments and their songs were filled with African culture and history. Until 20th century, the Capoeira music has been passed only orally. After that, most of the rhythms started to be recorded. However, there is no evidence of what part of the music has been preserved during the centuries. There is a great religious scent in the Capoeira songs. It is believed that there is a connection between the Roda (circle of poeple formed for a Capoeira game) and the aural space connecting the world of the spirits and the living. The Capoeira songs are always in Portuguese. However, sometimes there might be some Native American and African dialects.

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Capoeira Instruments

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Capoeira Lyrics

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Capoeira CDs 

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