agogoTranslated to English, Agogô means a gong or a bell. Sometimes it is called the Brazillian cowbells. It was first used in the Yoruba Music was considered a symbol of power all over the central part of Africa and Nigeria. Now it is used not only in Capoeira but in Samba as well.

The Agogo may consist of 1 or up to 4 bells made by wood or metal and a wooden stick to strike the bells. In Capoeira, the most commonly used Agogo is made by two bells arrangend in U shape. The Agogo bells are of different sizes and for this make different sounds – the smaller produces uppermost tones.

In Capoeira music, the Agogo follows the rythm of the Atabaque or the Pandeiro. However, the sound that the Agogo produces is much louder than the one produced by any other instrument, especially if the bells are made of metal. For this, this instruments should be played in a way it does not deafen the sound of the other instruments.


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